Care Advice

Care Advice for Dream Jacket

Your Dream Jacket will last longer if you handle it properly and with care. Here are several tips for caring for your Dream Jacket.

- When you receive your jacket and remove it from the package it will spring off. This is normal for any feather jacket. We therefore recommend that you unpack the jacket on the balcony or outdoors and shake it properly a couple of times. Then hang up the jacket on a hanger indoors and let it hang so that it gets the perfect fluffy look. You will notice that the jacket springs less and less the more you use it.

- Avoid all contact with water. Should the jacket get wet, we recommend letting it dry in a dark and dry area. Do not dry the jacket in the drying cabinet or in the sun!

- Do not wash your jacket. If the jacket gets dirty you can take a slightly damp cloth and gently pull on the stained area, but never put your jacket in water!

- Keep your jacket hanging with plenty of space, so it is not stored pressed.

By following these tips, we are convinced that you will be incredibly pleased with your jacket and it will last a long time.

If you have any questions about our Dream Jacket or any of our other products, we are always here for you! Contact us by mail at

xoxo /Team DM!